2013 Rev3 Maine

The Rev3 Maine at Old Orchard Beach triathlon course took competitors through some of the most beautiful coastal scenery to be found of a New England summer. In return, the Rev3 pros offered great performances and intense competition. Leon Griffin, the 2006 ITU Duathlon World Champion from Rabbit Flats, Australia, hung tough with St. Paul, Minnesota’s David Thompson on the bike, then outsprinted his rival at the finish. Elite rookie Katie Hursey, coming off two straight ITU World Cup wins in Europe, won her third straight pro race on the strength of a great 34:46 run.

All photographs © Eric Wynn / Rev3

Speeding along a rural road near Old Orchard Beach, David Thompson had fastest bike split and finished 2nd.

A busy pre-race transition area.

Pre-swim stretch.

Salute during the Star Spangled banner.

Moment of silence.

Early men's wave is ready to rumble.

Swimmers heading out to the far buoy.

Hammering out of the water to T1.

Focused on a fast transition.

Head down, top gear, full speed.

Leon Griffin had 2nd-fastest men’s bike split and won the race on the run.

Jenna Parker had the 8th fastest bike split and finished 6th.

Katie Hursey had the 3rd fastest bike split, fastest run and won the race.

Laurel Wassner had the 7th fastest bike split and finished 5th.

Riders dismount coming into T2.

Running down a tree-lined country road.

Caitlin Snow posted the 2nd-fastest women's 35:57 run split and finished 7th.

Leon Griffin outsprinted David Thompson to the finish.

Rookie elite Katie Hursey has a smile after posting a women’s race-fastest 34:46 run and winning her 3rd straight race.

David Thompson has a wry expression after finishing a close second.