2017 Escape From Alcatraz photo gallery

With the iconic swim from Alcatraz to the Marina canceled due to high winds and resultant small craft warnings, the 37th running of this classic triathlon soldiered on. Two thousand competitors scrambled back to the Marina start via buses to regroup, removing their wetsuits and preparing for an 8:30 AM time trial start. The pros started individually at 30-seconds intervals and groups of age groupers every 10 seconds. Superb swimmers lost their ace in the hole but gave it their best on the 18-mile bike leg and 8-mile run. At the finish, first time winners Ben Kanute and Lauren Goss exulted and everyone left with dreams of a classic Escape From Alcatraz swim next year.

All photographs © Timothy Carlson

Defending women’s champion Holly Lawrence tied for the best women’s bike split in 51:41 and gave it her all on the run, but Trek Factory Racing teammate Lauren Goss outran her to take the win.

Kevin Collington combined a 6th-best 47:26 bike split and 3rd-fastest 44:51 run to finish 4th.

Mauricio Mendez of Mexico City biked a 7th-quickest 47:57 split and ran an 2nd-best 44:43 split to take 5th place.

Holly Lawrence tied Barbara Riveros for the women’s best bike split – 51:41.

Paula Findlay of Canada, once the star of the ITU Olympic distance circuit, continues her comeback with 5th-place finish at Escape From Alcatraz.

Max Fennell of Redwood City, California is listed on his website as the first professional black triathlete. He finished 10th pro male in 1:50:05.

Six-time Escape From Alcatraz winner Andy Potts posted the 3rd-best bike split of 46:24.

U.S. Olympian Greg Billington had the 5th-best pro bike split of 47:13, but made up a lot of ground on the run to take 2nd overall.

Tommy Zaferes had the 8th-fastest bike split – 48:05 – which made his 4th-fastest run split unable to advance him in the standings.

Lauren Goss had the women’s 3rd-fastest 51:48 bike split – just 7 seconds behind Trek Factory Racing teammate Holly Lawrence of Great Britain and Barbara Riveros of Chile.

Katie Zaferes posted a women’s 4th-best 53:12 bike split but advanced to 2nd place with a dazzling run.

Barbara Riveros of Chile tied Holly Lawrence of Great Britain for women’s-fastest bike split – 51:41.

Age group riders ride past the Golden Gate Bridge.

After his 2nd-fastest bike split, Cameron Dye ran the 8th-best 46:34 split to take 3rd overall.

Andy Potts ran 6th-best 46:02 on his way to 5th overall.

U.S. Olympian Ben Kanute combined a race-best 43:45 bike split and 5th-fastest 45:38 run to win the first Escape From Alcatraz with a canceled swim.

Tommy Zaferes recovers after his 4th-fastest 45:27 run.

Lauren Goss was shocked to win her first Escape From Alcatraz. A women’s third-fastest bike split and 2nd-best run brought her to the finish in 1:42:06

Katie Zaferes came roaring back after a women’s 4th-best bike split, closing with a women’s-best 49:09 run to take 2nd place.

While Lauren Goss recovered after her victory, Holly Lawrence strained at her limit. But with the time trial format Katie Zaferes, running behind, took second place.