2018 Israman photo gallery

The already rugged Israman course was made tougher by howling winds and cool temps.

Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson

Diederik Scheltiga of Netherlands rides to 2nd place in Israman 113.

Pre-dawn warmup in the Red Sea.

Age group swim start.

Swim scrum.

Epic scenery on the long initial climb.

Nagy Bergeley of Hungary.

Roee Zo-Arets of Israel finished 3rd in Israman 113.

Diego Von Looy of Belgium won Israman 113.

Riding the Negev.

Diego Von Looy rides.

Injured rider awaits an ambulance.

Israeli armor beside the road.

Long line of riders climb one of many Israman hills.

Israman 113 runner adjusts his number at T2.

Exuberant 113 runner.

Runner number 577 starts downhill.

Defending champion Dan Alterman finished 5th this year, closing with a race-best 2:56:21 marathon.

Josef Krivanek of the Czech Republic.

Hywel Davies of Great Britain finished 3rd in Israman 226.

Antonina Reznikov of Israel celebrates her 2nd Israman 226 win with her daughter.