70.3 Lake Stevens

August 15, 2010 -- There wasn't any doubt that Joe Gambles would be back on top of the podium soon, the only point of discussion along those lines was mostly when. The question has been answered now as he successfully defended his Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens title. For Melanie McQuaid racing this event was her 5th attempt on that distance and it proved to be the charm as the fast Canadian XTERRA Pro came away with the women's crown.

All images are courtesy and copyright Randy Sadler

Sam McGlone gets some pre-race stretching in as the start time approaches.

The swim was led by Brian Fleischmann, who managed to gap the next swimmers by about 45 seconds.

Aussie Luke McKenzie was in good position after the swim.

A long line of men were reported to have been riding legal.

Luke Bell managed to get away from the other men and entered the second transition first.

Amanda Stevens was first out of the water in the women's race and riding alone for quite a while.

XTERRA Pro Melanie McQuaid though was pushing hard towards the front of the race and had little traffic to contend with.

With his guide leading the way Aaron Scheidies powers along.

A fifth place would be in the future of Luke McKenzie today.

A very focused Melanie McQuaid on her way to T2.

Early during the run, Joe Gambles is about to pass Luke Bell for the lead.

Announcer Dave Ragsdale has a great view of the action, but this high chair does not seem to be very comfortable.

Linsey Corbin and Haley Cooper Scott running side-by-side.

Aid stations are such welcome sights, no matter where in the race you are.

As the finish line came closer Melanie McQuaid's lead got smaller, but no one would take the win from her today.

Once in the lead during the run, Joe Gambles pushed hard towards the finish to successfully defend his title.

20 seconds was the margin at the end for runner-up Tyler Stewart.

Meanwhile Superman is still on the course.

Amanda Stevens, Linsey Corbin and Lars Finanger in the finish line area.

The top 4 women at the awards. Melanie McQuaid, Tyler Stewart, Sam Warriner and Amanda Stevens.