A day with Tony DeBoom

A day in the busy life of a former pro triathlete turned entrepreneurial artist catering to triathlon and any endurance sport or subculture dedicated to staying young and fit. He’s a man who designed his life to include his talented wife as partner and three lively young daughters as co-conspirators in as many adventures and as much fun as possible.

All photographs © Timothy Carlson

One of Tony DeBoom’s favorite subjects – comic superheroes.

Tony’s daughter Poet draws on the kitchen table before school as Tony and Summer look on.

Tony takes Summer and Poet to school.

After taking the eldest two children to school, Tony and Endurance Conspiracy COO, CFO and long range planner Elize confer about the work lineup every day in the living room.

Tony and Elize share a laugh.

Tony walks in the Endurance Conspiracy office after a short commute from Lafayette to Boulder.

Tony introduces a new employee some of the Endurance Conspiracy organizing software.

Tony looks over some of the tee shirts.

One of Tony’s whimsical faves – a space creature on a bike.

Youngest daughter Juniper makes a robot outfit out of one of the EC T-shirt boxes.

Tony always has a moment to lift Juniper during her days at the Boulder office.

Tony displays his ad for the Kona Surf Film festival.

About 1:30 PM, Tony takes a short run around a Lafayette reservoir.

Before Summer and Poet get home from school, Tony works on some designs on his computer.

A large painting of the Magnificent Seven overlooks Tony’s home office.

When he needs a break – for inspiration or relaxation - Tony plays one of his many guitars.

In late afternoon, Summer and Poet get home from school.

Tony’s children – in this case Summer - delight in serving as weights during his late afternoon workout in the family basement.

Tony’s daughter Poet serves as his bench press weight this afternoon.

Tony DeBoom – a man in full at age 43.