A day with Tyler Butterfield

After a Kona top 10 and a win at Abu Dhabi, Tyler Butterfield has career momentum bolstered by support of his athletically gifted wife Nikki and the joy of their young children.

If some military organization was looking for someone with appropriate experience to plan a massive invasion, they would do well to look at professional triathletes raising young children. As Tyler Butterfield would attest, his wife Nikki, whose competitive résumé also includes a prestigious Abu Dhabi International victory, has been instrumental in his recent career breakthrough performances – a top 10 at Kona in October and a win at Abu Dhabi this March. While taking time off from training and racing during the pregnancy, birth and nursing their second child Walker and caring for their lively 3-year-old Savana, Nikki Butterfield has used her MBA skills to great effect in scheduling, coaching, organizing and plotting Tyler’s racing. At the same time, they share the complex ballet of raising, feeding, playing with and transporting their kids to and from school, doctors, and the occasional family outing. What you see here are pictures of a few days in the happy, hectic life of the Butterfield clan at home in Boulder, Colorado.

All photographs © Timothy Carlson

Tyler Butterfield rides his Cervélo P5 along a beautiful Colorado road not far from the family residence at the 7,400-foot altitude above Boulder.

Tyler’s 2014 and Nikki’s 2012 Abu Dhabi trophies nestle together at their home in Boulder. The swooping plastic and Plexiglas design is Tyler’s and the bright reflective metal disc is Nikki’s.

Typical busy Butterfield morning – Nikki scoops out some yogurt for daughter Savana while 10-week-old Walker rests comfortably in a baby sling -- and Tyler digs out some more lunch items for the children.

Savana dances with her dad to a tune from the hit Disney film “Frozen.”

Nikki laughs with Walker while Savana plays with tiny toy horses.

Zero hour draws near so Tyler holds Walker while Nikki brushes Savana’s hair a few minutes before departure for pre-school.

Tyler feeds Savana a bite of some banana bread at Spruce Confections during a stop for coffee on the way to her pre-school.

Tyler and Nikki put in a hard run workout on the treadmills at Flatiron Athletic Club in South Boulder.

Tyler is not focusing on proper form during a cool down after a tough swim session at the Flatiron Athletic Club pool.

Tyler discusses with Nikki, who is nursing Walker, things to do that afternoon after lunch at Logan’s Espresso Café in North Boulder.

A goodbye kiss as Tyler is off for a long interval session on the bike and Nikki is headed back home to take care of emails and schedules. The couple is trying to have the whole year planned before the busy season starts.

Tyler shows off a cap signed by three Ironman World Champions – six-time champion Dave Scott, current champion Frederik Van Lierde and his coach, two-time Kona champion Luc van Lierde.

Tyler and Nikki working together with stretch cords at the Dave Scott workout in the Flatiron Athletic Club gym.

Tyler and Nikki jump with hand weights during a core strength workout led by Dave Scott at Flatiron Athletic Club.

Tyler likes to do a few leg presses with a full load of weights. “I avoid putting on bulk by limiting reps - and it helps my cycling.”

Tyler stores lots of Mavic wheels and several souvenir race numbers in the basement.

Tyler prepares for a long Saturday ride with several of the usual gang – Tim Don, Ivan O’Gorman and Patrick Evoe.

Tyler rides through a dirt road section created by the September floods.

Tyler rides Nelson Road near sunset.

Tyler guides a horse owned by a kindly neighbor as Savana gets a much-anticipated ride at a North Boulder ranch.