Escape From Alcatraz Gallery

Escape From Alcatraz’s beauty and challenge make it a must race on every serious triathlete’s bucket list.

All photographs © Timothy Carlson

Ben Kanute posted the second-fastest 46:10 bike split on his way to a 3rd place finish in his first Escape From Alcatraz.

Choosing the correct side of the pro start proved critical. The men and women who took off on the viewer’s left side (athlete’s right side) lost 2 minutes and never recovered their expected place in the race.

Swimmers head toward Marina Green.

Tommy Zaferes decided to make June 11-12 a weekend double. He won The Triathlon at Pacific Grove on Saturday but could only manage 12th male pro on Sunday.

Joe Maloy had the 2nd-best swim, 7th-best 48:05 bike and the day’s-best 42L48 run to win Escape From Alcatraz.

Young XTERRA star Mauricio Mendez biked 48:17 on his way to 6th place overall.

Holly Lawrence seized the lead with a women‘s-best 51:20 split on her way to victory.

Riders hit high speeds on the winding downhill past the Cliff House restaurant.

Lindsey Jerdonek had the women‘s 3rd-fastest 52:54 bike split on her way to 3rd-place.

Katie Zaferes had a women’s 6th-fastest 54:55 bike split in her way to 2nd place.

Jenny Fletcher out on the difficult bike course.

Cameron Dye smoked the bike leg with a race-best 45:23 split on his way to 2nd place.

Heather Jackson a former winner at Escape, never recovered after her 40:03 swim. But she did manage a women’s second-best 52:14 bike split on her way to 7th place.

Cam Dye hung bravely to his lead until Joe Maloy went past on the final mile of the run.

Defending Escape champion Eric Lagerstrom has been fighting leg woes all year. He was encouraged with the progress shown by his 45:27 run and 5th place.

Andy Potts made up ground after his navigation problems in the swim with a 3rd-best 46:18 bike leg and 4th-best 45:41 run that left him in 5th place.

Potts looked a little fatigued on the sand ladder.

Ben Kanute ran 46:15 on his way to 3rd place.

Tommy Zaferes (12th male pro) finished holding hands with his wife Katie (2nd female pro).

Former Escape winner Sarah Haskins finished 4th.