Handmade Bicycle Show #2

The second day of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is usually very busy, and today was no exception. The hall opened to the public at 10am and it was key to get most of the photography done before that time. Despite all of that we were able to capture more images of bikes and personalities in Richmond, VA.

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All images are © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

Don Walker is the don of the North American Handmade Bicycle show.

This very flashy painted stainless steel Quiring bike is quite an attention getter.

Master frame builder Richard Sachs with a couple of his cross team bikes.

The new Serotta Fit Cycle is almost ready for production

The built-in Computrainer is one of many nice features of the Serotta Fit Cycle

Shinicho Konno and Noki Sekine of Cherubim traveled all the way from Japan to display two stunning bicycle works of art

Cyclemageren of Denmark had an interesting customizable hub Lego kit

They also showed this nicely crafted brake and a few nice commuter bikes

Philadephia frame builder Steve Bilenky with one of his bikes. But he assured us that it isn't his personal one.

Stomp your Espresso beans in style with this Chris King stomper

You would certainly get all kinds of comments if you showed up with this Chris King Cielo ride at your local coffee shop or the next group ride

Bamboosero frames are made in Africa and create jobs where jobs and job skills are desperately needed. Frames start at $495. Custom graphics as featured here aren't included though.

The TwinSix guys Brent and Ryan showed their creations

Nick Crumpton's new bike features an Inset headset and a pressed in bb.

With all the recent snow across the country the Moots Snoots would come in handy

Simple and clean sometimes does it indeed as here with this Strong frame

Mike DeSalvo is another of the original 6 who attended the first NAHMBS and have attended all since.

It is tough to walk past the Vanilla booth without snapping a picture

The second day of the show was very busy as tons of visitors flooded the isles.

Marty Walsh of Geekhouse Bikes brought a good sense of humor to the show