IM North American Championship Pro Women

Jodie Robertson and Michaela Herlbauer broke 9 hours, Lauren Brandon outswam the pro women and the pro men and led the race until Mile 10 of the run, and Kelly Williamson dazzled on the run. The bike course was a tad short but the memories will last a long time.

All fine photographs © Aaron Palaian

Jocelyn McCauley swam 57:40 and finished 12th pro woman in 9:27:42.

Jodie Robertson began her day with a 1:02:31 swim – 13:39 behind swim leader Lauren Brandon.

Lauren Brandon led the pro women and pro men with a 48:52 swim split which gave her a 4:01 lead. Brandon held that lead until Mile 10 of the run.

Celine Schaerer of Switzerland was the 14th fastest pro woman on the bike – 5:08:12.

After her dominating swim, Lauren Brandon held on to the lead through T2 with a 5th-fastest 4:53:03 bike split.

Leslie Miller rode 5:01:34 on her way to a 9th place pro woman finish.

Alicia Kaye of the U.S. biked a pro women’s 7th-fastest 4:55:34 split on her way to 4th place.

Maja Stage-Nielsen of Denmark ran a pro women’s 6th-fastest 3:07:45 marathon.

Alicia Kaye ran 3:11:00 on her way to 4th place pro woman.

Tine Deckers of Belgium, a 5-time Ironman France winner, ran 3:12:24 to finish 5th place pro woman.

Jocelyn McCauley of the U.S. ran 3:12:40 on her way to 12th place pro woman.

Kelly Williamson of Austin, Texas blitzed the run in 2:56:30 – pro women’s fastest split – to finish 7th.

After her pro women’s-best 4:43:45 bike split, Jodie Robertson finished off her victory with a pro women’s 4th-best 3:03:41 run.

After her bravura swim and bike, Lauren Brandon held on to the lead until Mile 10 of the run. She finished the day with a 3:19:25 marathon for 6th place.

Michaela Herlbauer of Austria combined a 57:57 run, 4:53:47 bike split and a 3:03:41 run to finish 2nd pro woman in 8:59:31 – 2:59 behind Robertson.

Maja Stage-Nielsen of Denmark looks grateful at the finish of 3rd place 9:01:00 day.

Jodie Robertson sprinted the last few meters of her sub-9 hour day.

The Voice of Ironman – Mike Reilly – interviews Jodie Robertson at the finish line.