NYC Triathlon Photo Gallery

The New York City Triathlon welcomed 3,000 age groupers and a select field of pros to the Big Apple for its 9th annual Hudson River swim, West Side Highway bike, and Central Park run. Andrew Yoder made a splash on the bike, but Greg Bennett restored the natural order by the end of the run, taking his fourth straight Big Apple title. Rebeccah Wassner proved that home field is an advantage, riding her race bike from her Manhattan apartment to the start line, and taking her first Nautica New York Triathlon win after six tries. Photographs by Timothy Carlson

Thanks for some pre race air.

A quiet smile walking to swim start

The lifeguards who handle the swimmers. Just 3,000 to go!

Pro men's swim pack bear down on the finish after a 12-minute Hudson River current-aided swim

Andy Potts kept his lead through 10 miles of the bike

Even the pros grab for balance on swim exit

Rebeccah Wassner led the bike until Becky Lavelle caught her with five miles to go.

Becky Lavelle caught Wassner on a long downhill near the end of the bike. "I think it was my weight," said Lavelle.

Charging on damp roads

Andrew Yoder smashed the Big Three contenders on the bike. At age 20, he is a full time pro with a big future.

Greg Bennett was among Yoder's victims, but won the day from Potts with his second best bike.

Greg Bennett rides past one of New York's modestly tall buildings.

Bennett charged out with sub-5 minute miles to establish his dominance on the run.

Yoder held on his 1:30 lead until 2 miles into the run through Central Park.

Bennett charges, Yoder surrenders.

Potts checks his watch, but remained 37 seconds back of Bennett at the finish. Potts' 31:11 nipped Bennett by two seconds for the day's fastest run.

Definitely twins. Rebeccah (1st) and Laurel Wassner (2nd) are also training partners.

Nicholas Vandam (left) of the United States Military Academy beat US Naval Academy's Derek Oskutis this day, but Oskutis has a 3-2 lifetime edge in head to head clashes.

Proud father needs more hands.

Dogs also had their day at the 9th New York City Triathlon. Iam's Doggy Dash finisher with medal.