ROHTO Boulder 70.3 winners

Andy Potts and Julie Dibens won the 2010 ROHTO 70.3 Boulder triathlon and Eric Wynn followed these athletes all day.

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A stunning early morning sky greeted the athletes at the Boulder Reservoir.

Time for Julie Dibens to get her feet wet.

Still quite a bit of time before the actual race start.

Julie Dibens trying to stay warm.

Andy Potts tries to get into the zone.

Still a big smile on the face of Julie Dibens.

Time to set the watch.

First out of the water and ready to get on the bike.

Julie Dibens also managed to get first out of the Boulder Reservoir.

Cranking hard through the beautiful countryside on the way to a 2:12:53 bike split.

Andy Potts focused through a turn.

At this point of the race Julie Dibens was well out of reach of her competitors.

Andy Potts about to be joined by Stephen Hackett.

Stephen Hackett left T2 a few seconds ahead of Andy Potts, but the 2007 70.3 World Champion pulled ahead again.

When you have a huge lead a smile comes fairly easy.

With a nice lead now Potts is striding towards victory.

Another 70.3 title for Andy Potts who also won Ironman Coeur D'Alene a few weeks ago

Congrats from 3-time Ironman Hawaii World Champion Chrissie Wellington.

Understanding that some of her competitors might not get paid because of the still existing 8% rule, Julie Dibens waited before the finish line for more than 5 minutes.

And we have a winner after all.