Starting Scenes From Kona

Kona Week has officially arrived, and so has Team Slowtwitch. We're on site all week as more than 2,000 women toe the starting line bright and early on Saturday morning. Here's a selection of early week images, captured for us by the one and only Korupt Vision.

Hello! We're here.

Getting those final swim workouts in. (Editor's Note: I'm also on Team All Pull Buoy and Paddles, All the Time, too.)

We have our first Taylor Knibb sighting of the week, as she looks to win her debut IRONMAN on the grandest of stages.

Knibb was not the only athlete dialing her bike in for the week.

Putting the power down.

The island has a unique way of making cycling seem isolated, lonely, lost.

The Parade of Nations always features a lively crowd, with Brazil often the center of the party. This year was no exception.