The 2016 Lofoten Extreme Triathlon

This past weekend athletes from various countries tackled the Lofoten Extreme Triathlon in Norway and stunning memories were collected. The day started with a 4 km of swim in the harbor of Svolvær, followed by a 196 km bike ride around that beautiful part of Norway, and ended with a 45 km run that featured 18 km of trails and covered two mountains.

"Thank you to you, Frank and the rest of the AMAZING team for putting together such a brilliant event on Saturday. My memories
will last much longer than the pain in my legs (I hope!). It felt very special to be part of the first race and I hope you go from strength to strength in coming years. This was my first time in Lofoten and I hope it won’t be my last. It’s such a wonderful place and the support from all the crew helped me get around and finish with a smile," said James Watson from the UK.

For those who did not want to go that long, an Olympic distance event was offered the day prior. All part of the Arctic Triple, and Kai Otto Melau's pics allow us insight into that world.

This is about as much of a traffic jam you can expect when participating in these unique events in Norway

Svein Vestøl is the only guy who has done all The Arctic Triple races - all three test races last year + the ultra trail in June and now the Extreme distance triathlon. Plus he knows how to have fun

Athletes in action during the opening 4km swim.

Beautiful land and water.

Almost back at the swim-bike transition and now finally some spectators.

Out of the water and ready for 196km of pain.

Beautiful weather during the Olympic race the day prior.

Alone with nature and your own thoughts during most of the 196km bike segment.

Welcome to Lofoten.

Well, this image was not taken during the race - we think at least.

Across the bridge and onwards.

Entering a small town along the way.

It is relatively flat early on.

But eventually it goes up and up.

A long and hard but very fulfilling day.

No competition in sight during the run for most starters.

Almost done - almost.

Downhills also are featured on the trails.

Lofoten Extreme champion Allan Hovda, who had a rough day at Norseman. The finish structure is a rack on which stock fish are usually dried.

All images © Kai-Otto Melau