Trek/K-Swiss gets Retuled

Trek/K-Swiss athletes Julie Dibens and Joe Gambles have been having a stellar year, as have many of their podium-topping teammates. The two will compete in the Rev3 Quassy triathlon in Middlebury, Connecticut on June 6th.

Both athletes had been riding prototype Speed Concept bikes, and had already taken multiple trips to Retul's Boulder studios to be fitted. Now that the production bikes and front ends are available, they returned to the studio so that fitter Mat Steinmetz could replicate their positions on the new machines.

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Julie Dibens was up first, dialing in her position.

Dibens is in a much lower position than this time last year.

Mat Steinmetz scans Dibens' bike with the Zin tool.

The Zin makes a precise 3D measurement of all contact points of the bike.

Joe Gambles was a big joker, cracking up everyone in the room.

Retul's funky wall art.

The underside of the production Speed Concepts is incredibly clean. Even the bolts are countersunk for a flush surface.

Dibens watches as Steinmetz points out slight variations in her past Retul fits.

The Speed Concept has plenty of adjustability for fine-tuning fit.

Dibens in her aero tuck she calls the Prairie Dog.

Steinmetz advises Dibens to keep her hands from scooping under to avoid broadening her shoulders.

The production stem units on the Speed Concept keep the cables just as tidy as the prototype versions.

No doubt who this bike belongs to.

Once it was Gambles' turn, he was all business.

He calls his position The Badger.

Steinmetz watches while Joe puts the power down.

Retul has seen its fair share of star athletes, whose posters adorn the walls.

Riders wear a special harness for scanning fit coordinates.

The studio has plenty of stem and bar options for fitting traditional bike setups.

Joe Gambles and Trek's Mark Andrews enjoy some levity after a job well done.