Updates and Aero Testing with Daniela Ryf

Daniela Ryf is one of the most dominant triathlon champions in history, with four Ironman World Championships and five 70.3 World Championships to her name. Not infallible, however, her 2019 effort in Kona fell short due to stomach problems.

All images and videos ©DT Swiss / Pushing Limits

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any updates, so we were pleased to learn that Daniela is already well on her way for the 2020 season. More specifically, she headed to the velodrome late last year with the intention of improving her cycling performance. Daniela is sponsored by DT Swiss, who works closely with aero-specialist Swiss Side.

The combined effort also included input from DT Swiss mechanic, Remo Heutschi, who thoroughly checks her bike before every race.

Aero testing can be a long day – requiring lots of food and tools.

Swiss Side rigged up Daniela’s Felt IA Disc to collect data.

Daniela made multiple runs, diligently holding her aero position.

Please enjoy this video that was provided by DT Swiss, including English subtitles. The lengthy interview covers what happened in Kona 2019, what’s in store for 2020, and some added insights from her coach, Brett Sutton.