Week 3 Slowtwitch Road Shows

Fraser Bicycle, scene of a Slowtwitch Road Show on March 12, has an Endless Pool. that's not a whale harpoon or a cattle prod, although that is one tactic to encourage a faster swim. It's a camera.

John Cobb at left at the Fraser Bicycle Road Show. Frankie Andreu stopped in to say hi.

Meanwhile, out west on the same day, a Road Show in Tempe, Arizona was ongoing at Landis Cyclery and Sole Sports, bike and run specialty sharing a common wall. There were banners with the show's itinerary and supporting vendors.

Pioneer was at the Tempe Road Show, and it's very popular power meter was on a bike, on a trainer, a big screen monitor in front, and a contest to see who could produce the most watts.

Fraser Bicycle's showroom in Canton, Michigan, is large, and Cervelo and Quintana Roo booths for exhibiting and demoing bikes fit fine inside.

Garmin is always a popular presence at any event. It's got the monopoly on bicycle head units, though Wahoo Fitness, another Road Show vendor, is poised to give Garmin a run for its money.

Ian Murray clinics at the Fraser Bicycle Road Show on power. Pioneer, Powertap and Quarq power meters feature at a lot of Road Shows.

Here's John Cobb at Fraser Bicycles, talking about saddles, such as those he manufactures.

At some Road Shows itineraries are on fancy banners. At others it's less fancy.

Back to Tempe, Lewis Elliott is one of the hot pros in town. Here he is with Slowtwitch publisher Dan Empfield (Slowman on the Slowtwitch Reader Forum).

Swag bags are always there at Road Shows, usually Slowtwitch bags, in this case bags from Trek. At this Tempe event Dan Empfield's job was to prescribe Speed Concepts to prospective buyers, and he does this by appointment at every Road Show he attends, though not just Speed Concepts, but also BMC, Cannondale, Cervelo, Quintana Roo, and others.

There were 4 Slowtwitch Road Shows taking place on one March 12. Here's a clinic at a Road Show in Tampa, at Outspokin.

The Outspokin crew is well loved, in particular Val Tavenese, second from right.

Ubiquitous at Slowtwitch Road Shows are T-BLOCKS Transition Racks. These are the highest-tech, lightest, most portable, easiest-on-bikes, racks I've yet seen.

Lewis Elliot and Joszef Major on the pro panel talking about life as elite triathletes.

Functional training clinic by Kyle Herrig of Triplex Training.

Dan Empfield talking about who knows what with Eric Marcotte at the Tempe Road Show. Eric was the 2014 U.S. National Road Race Champion and rides for Jamis and lives in nearby Scottsdale.