NormaTec Pumps Up the Rappstar Charity Challenge

We continue to move closer to our goal of $100,000 thanks to the generosity and support of amazing folks like you! We're now sitting at over $68,000 so far. For those thinking in more direct terms, that means we've moved past the 500 bicycle mark. 500 students, entrepreneurs, and aid workers that are now able to travel farther, move faster, and carry more all thanks to your generosity. And, don't forget, 100% of all donations will be matched through the end of the year (and the end of the fundraiser), meaning that we're all responsible for changing the lives of over 900 people so far. And we're not done yet! Amazing! And, in exchange for your generosity, you get the chance to get something awesome from our amazing supporters.

Today, we're announcing the spectacular donation from NormaTec Recovery, one of their amazing MVP Recovery Systems, that helps the best athletes in the world, "Train Harder. Recover Faster. Perform Better."

If you haven't yet donated, now is the time! To enter the challenge, you can donate online at the URL below. Like last year, the Ironman Foundation has been very generous in hosting and handling the donation site for us (Thanks, IMF!!!).


As in past years, you can donate ANY amount, but ONLY donations of $134 or more (the cost of one bicycle) will make you eligible for prizes. For every multiple of $134 that you donate, you get another entry. $268 earns you double eligibility, $402 earns triple, etc. Donations of 5 bikes ($670) get you an extra spot. And donations of 10 bikes ($1340) get you an extra three spots. For more details, read the first article at the link below. Award drawing tickets will be assigned automatically from the donations, so please make sure to give us an email or phone number (or both) where we can reach you.

And now onto the amazing donation from NormaTec, a complete NormaTec MVP Recovery System (machine, 2 boots, hosing, power) [MSRP $1,795].

Your legs will thank you for using the NormaTec compression boots, whether it’s before a big race or after an intense training session. NormaTec’s patented massage action (called Sequential Pulse Technology) will help enhance your athletic performance and significantly speed up your body’s natural recovery process. The NormaTec MVP is the recovery tool of choice for the best endurance athletes on the planet. Train Harder. Recover Faster. Perform Better.

NormaTec’s founder, a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD), recognized the powerful potential of external dynamic compression and its crucial role in healing and recovery. The concept of using external compression to aid the body with its normal circulatory processes has been around since the 1960s; however, the science of compression had no major technological advances during the first 40 years of its use. After trying every available compression pump on the market with only unimpressive clinical results, NormaTec’s founder realized that the key to advancing the technology of external compression is improving the massage pattern. Thus NormaTec developed and patented Sequential Pulse Technology, and the NormaTec Recovery System was born.

Here, the team from NormaTec talks about how they help more than just the best athletes in the world, they help entrepreneurs, students, and aid workers make a difference in their own lives through the Power of Bicycles!

Dr. Laura F. Jacobs, a rehabilitation physician and PhD bioengineer, founded NormaTec after seeing an extraordinary need for effective treatment modalities for patients with circulation compromised by disease, surgery, radiation treatment and trauma. As a physician, she wanted the best care for her patients; as an engineer, she determined that the existing compression devices on the market were insufficient to meet that need.

To solve this problem, Dr. Jacobs developed and patented the NormaTec PCD (Pneumatic Compression Device) and its unique massage pattern, Sequential Pulse Technology. The NormaTec PCD was engineered to effectively treat chronic wounds, breast cancer lymphedema, circulatory complications from diabetes, and other serious medical conditions.

In 2007, top professional and college teams and athletes began utilizing NormaTec technology to optimize their recovery and performance; the results were simply outstanding. Today, daily users include members of elite NCAA programs; the majority of NFL, NBA and NHL teams; the US Navy SEALs; and the US Olympic Committee. In addition, the world's best triathletes, cyclists and runners train harder, recover faster and perform better with their NormaTec Recovery Systems.

As a reminder, 100% of your contributions are tax deductible and will be directed back to World Bicycle Relief.

For those interested, you can also submit donations via traditional mail at this address:

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Thanks for your support and commitment to WBR!