New Race Formats Slowtwitchers Want

What is slowly replacing the old habits isn’t a change in user preferences, but a broadening of them. Which is always what I hoped would happen!

This is the 20th anniversary of and I named the site with a strategic aim: I’m not a triathlete. I never was. I’ve always been a endurance enthusiast who wants to roam the earth under human powered locomotion, using as many tools and skills – along with the attendant technologies – that I might acquire.

Accordingly, if it’s swim, bike – in its variant forms – run, nordic ski, those I have down. That’s all fair game. What animates me are the new places I might go, and the skills and tech that gets me farther up and farther in. I’ve always wanted that, for me, and for you. That's why it's "Slowtwitch" and not "Tri" or "Du" or "Triple" or anything that hedges me (or you) in.

I’ve noticed that more and more of you think the way I think: That what we do is less circumscribed by rules and formats than it was for a prior generation of triathletes (or than it was for us when we contemplate how we thought a generation ago). The World has always been big – our private worlds have been catching up to the size of the adventures that await us.

I polled you all a year ago, asking what new formats might appeal to you. I polled you all during the past week, exactly one year later, asking you precisely the same question, with the exact same options. I’m gratified that so few of you are unwilling to consider the options I presented (not that these are the only options you should consider!). Only 16 percent of you considered none of them appealing then, and only 16 percent of you consider them unappealing now. (If you’re one of the 16 percent, I’m going to work to move you toward at least considering some of these formats!).

Many of you – like me – would consider a number of these. Me? I’d at least think very carefully about both Gravel Bike and Draft Legal triathlons. The only reason I wouldn’t consider the others is if the events were beyond the capacity of my knees. Have knees will travel!

Last year, the 4 options presented were about even in their capacity to pique your interest. Gravel triathlon has surged a bit from the pack from last year to this. I did my first Gravel Tri last August, the Ugly Dog in Michigan, and I’ll be going back! Every Gravel Tri I find, I’m going.

About 800-and-some took our poll last year, this year the poll wasn’t up quite as long, and just over 700 of you answered. I expect I’ll poll this again in early 2020, and we’ll see what you all say.