Ventum's New GS1

: The new GS1 looks awfully familiar to my eyes. Is that a good thing?

CADEX GX a Terrific but Pricey Gravel Bar

: Pay the price if you can afford it; otherwise look for its features in a cheaper bar.

Spinergy? Yup!

: Spinergy is the result of an artful reinvention. They made good aero wheels a generation ago. Today's gravel wheels are even better.

Year Two in the Wasatch

: We go behind-the-scenes of the recent second annual Wasatch All-Road Bicycle Race.

Steamboat, the New Darling of Gravel

: Eco travel, social consciousness and hard core cycling combine into SBT GRVL, held in and around Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Obed's GVR is a Near Perfect Quiver of One

: No matter where you ride, the GVR almost always delivers an excellent experience.

What is Gravel? Rasputitsa Answers Differently

: And in doing so, creates a bucket-list event for all cyclists.

Bikepacker Update

: There's very little to do now, except to hike my leg over the top tube and go.

CADEX Made More Road & Gravel "Tools" For Us

: CADEX launched its AR & GX Collections: wheels, tires, handlebars

The Obed GVR: A High-Speed Gravel Bike

: If the Obed Boundary is the workhorse, the Obed GVR is the cafe racer

Bikepacker Update

: This bike is getting closer to participating in its first overnighter.

Cervelo's Áspero-5 Is More Than Just a Head Turner

: First there was the Caledonia-5. Cervelo’s news today is the 5-ing of the Áspero.

The Blurred Lines Between Drop Bar Bikes

: Road race, endurance road, classics road and gravel bikes that are all starting to look like each other.

Gravel Bikes and Tire Radius

: When shopping for a gravel bike, there are 3 imperatives for me: cockpit geometry; tire clearance; and intended tire radius.

Heather Jackson and Ben Hoffman take on BWR Cedar City

: With most of the 2020 triathlon season cancelled, two champion triathletes decided to take on a much different challenge – gravel.

Sneak Peek at the New Ventum GS1

: Sometimes, delays are worth the wait.

FSA K-Wing AGX: Evolving Bars for Gravel

: FSA continues to expand into gravel, with an ever-expanding line. We look at the carbon K-Wing AGX drop bar.

BWR Cedar City: a Challenge Worthy of the BWR Moniker

: 2018 winner Brian McCulloch takes you through the course and brings recommendation on equipment and more.

Why the Caledonia's Geometry is Revolutionary

: Cervelo's new road bike has more in common with gravel bikes than road bikes, geometrically. This is a futuretrend.

The ZTTO SLR2 Cassette: It Goes to 11 (But Also 36)

: Sometimes you just need that extra push over the cliff.

First Crack at a Genuine Bikepacker

: It's quite worthy as a standalone gravel racer, but my primary reason for the OBED Boundary build was as a bikepacker.

Profile Design DRV/GMR, Another Peek at the Future

: Like gravel bars made by Zipp, ENVE and 3T, this design motif will inform drop bar design, for gravel and road.

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