Zipp XPLR: Exercise in Simple Function

: It's just a simple gravel handlebar. What's special about? It inexpensively solves a simple but thorny problem. That's it.

650B Is Fun. Does That Matter?

: I set out to do a comparison of 700C vs 650B wheels and tires in a "controlled" way. What it taught me is the immeasurable importance of fun.

Hooked and Hookless Rim Tech

: Continuing our coverage of road tubeless, our Tech Editor explains the ins and outs of hooked and hookless rim designs.

Tubed and Tubeless Cross-Pollination

: Our Tech Editor explains the differences and commonalities between tubeless and tube-type wheels and tires.

Oregon Trail Gravel Stage Race in Pictures

: Adam LaPierre's excellent photographic retrospective of one of this year's most anticipated events.

Opportunity knocked and Kevin Denny responded

: Kevin Denny had the opportunity to jump late into the Dirty Kanza 200 and had a blast. We had a chat with this Every Man Jack triathlete about that experience and much more.

The Gravel World Descends Upon The Dirty Kanza

: The 14th edition of the world's premier gravel race saw its strongest field to date with WorldTour professional cyclists, Olympians, and National and World Champions in cyclocross, road and mountain ...

The sweet Able ride of Dirty Kanza champ Colin Strickland

: Austin, TX resident Colin Strickland surprised quite a few folks with his dominating performance at the Dirty Kanza 200, and here is a closer look at his sweet blue Allied Cycle Works Able, a gravel ...

The Rise of Riser Drop Bars

: We look in to the relatively new trend of riser drop bars and the bike fit opportunities they provide for road, gravel, and tall riders.

Shimano Unveils GRX, Gravel Groupset Line

: Shimano threw down today, with a gravel-specific suite of components and wheels up and down the price range.

3T Exploro: Can N=1?

: There's a classic rule in cycling that N+1 is the number of bikes you need, where N is the number of bikes you currently have. The 3T Exploro challenges that rule and may be the first truly N=1 bike.

ABG Adds Gravel Brand: Remot

: The makers of Quintana Roo and Litespeed debuted a new brand. Remot. Sounds like Remote. It's gravel and MTB.

SRAM Force eTap AXS

: Shimano has enjoyed sole ownership of price-reasonable electronic groupsets. SRAM is finally ready to compete.

Gravel From The Ground Up: Gearing

: Continuing our series on gravel (or all-road or whatever...) bikes with a focus on understanding gear ratios and gearing selection.

SRAM AXS Drive Train

: Here's the meat and taters of AXS: a 12sp cogset, 10-tooth 1st cog, smaller chain ring combos.

The Ultimate Gravel Travel Bike

: A closer look at NVDR's travel gravel bike

New Race Formats Slowtwitchers Want

: Old habits die hard. But they do die, and are replaced by what comes next.

Gravel From The Ground Up: Geometry 101

: Continuing our series on gravel bikes with an in-depth examination of front-end geometry and how geometric decisions play out on the road and trail.

Gravel From The Ground Up: Tires & Pressure

: On the anniversary of my first ever gravel bike race in 2017, I look back at what I learned about equipment, preparation, and more in this first in a series of articles about taking drop bars off ...

Ugly Dog, the First Gravel Tri

: Will the 60 who races the long course Ugly Dog look back and say, yes, I was there at the beginning?

Building a Road Plus Gravel Bike

: We detail the ins and outs of building your very own gravel or “Road Plus” bike. Is it all gravy, or are there still some kinks to be worked out?

Electronic Road 1x One Step Closer

: Shimano improves the electronic 1x it's not making. Sort of a double negative.

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