Delightful Masochism Playing on a Screen Near You

I debuted my first Zwift workout on a bunch of early adopters on Tuesday, during our Tuesday Structured Training. Three bad things happened: I dropped off the screen. Like the Vanisher (did you see Deadpool 2?)

Second, Zwift had a momentary bug (fixed now) that rendered a number of folks unable to ride in ERG mode. Third, I just think my workout was too easy.

So, I wrote another, it's called Delightful Masochism, and I'll be leading the ride again. Jesse Thomas, our usual leader, is nursing an orthopaedic thingy. So, it's me for a couple of weeks.

Leslie Knibb is back after a week of R&R for Ride of the Valkyries with a new workout. We're noodling a second women's ride, later in the week. The Womanifesto. I got it from Janet Jackson, spoken by her during her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction. I thought it would make a great name for a Zwift women's ride and the leader for that ride (should it make it on the schedule) agreed.

Hilly Vanilli? That's Thursday afternoons. Dang, I love that ride. And dang, I got spit off the back at 22 minutes. But it was my 2nd workout of the day and I'm trying to get my fat carcass in shape. Sometimes that happens.

I think our most populated ride is the Ride & Grind, for U.S. East Coasters, Europeans. 5:30am Thursdays.

Lots of Slowtwitchers ran with Gwen Jorgensen on her birthday last Friday. Gwen was gracious as always, and I think about 40 showed up. Our own Herbert Krabel, Mr. SwimRun, who started life as a professional MTB racer, he made some people suffer in the last mile!

I keep saying this, but I really think this is the last week we do NOT have several runs on our Zwift calendar. Just need to pick up a few more leaders. Oh, and the new course, that looks like Moab, or Monument Valley. Good going, Zwift! It's a treat for the eyes.