This Virtual Week on Slowtwitch

First, it should be noted that the Washington Post, yesterday, reported on how your "dreadmill" runs get a lot more interesting when you Zwift them up.

Congratulations to the platform that beta'd right here on Slowtwitch for getting top billing on WAPO on how to clean out your arteries and have fun doing it!

Here? We think we've got some good stuff for you. Kelly Burns Gallagher will lead the Valkyries tomorrow morning at 6am Eastern. It's "Ramp Up Your Fitness!" Little double entendre there. Should give you a hint as to the dominant features in that workout. Just moderately difficult. Women only.

I will lead Slowtwitch Structured Training Tuesday afternoon, 4pm Pacific, the workout is "Gladly Pay You Tuesday." No ramps in that one. Just waterboarding interspersed with periods of hypoxia. More than moderately difficult, less than extremely difficult. This and the Valkyries above are no-drop.

Slowtwitch Ride & Grind, Thursday, 5:35am Eastern, great group last week from what I hear. We're trying something new with the B group, because we're on the Giro TT course! The group will all ride together 'til the base of the climb. We'll then have B leaders go like heck, one fulgaz, one holding 4w/kg, the caboose at 3.5w KG. Everyone regroups at the top and try again on round-2, assuming we get a round-2.

A gentle reminder to you all: "Riding" a TT bike (in the game) is a poor choice when you're on a ride where you can either drop folks or get dropped. Me, I'm actually riding a TT bike when I Zwift, but in the Game I choose a road race bike, for those sorts of rides. Speaking of which...

Hilly Vanilli is a "catch" ride, where groups leave at 3:55pm, 4:00pm, 4:05pm (Pacific), and each group tries to say out front, or catch the group in front. You're advised to choose a road race bike from the Zwift equipment menu.

I have already clicked those links above, and clicked the little + sign, thereby "entering" the event. Took me 5 seconds per event to go there, enter, return back here.