With KICKR Move and KICKR Bike Shift, Wahoo Takes the Lead Again

When it comes to Wahoo as a company, there are many things I admire. I genuinely like the people I work with. I like the marketing slogan they use, “Wahooligans,” and most importantly I really like how they have become a company that tends to create products that don't silo athletes into a corner.

What this means is that when you look at their product offerings, they are sort of an all-around company that uses intuitive software to connect devices that help athletes move. Not only inside, but also outside. Some other companies we know “claim” they want to make people ride their bike better outside, but when you really look at the product and its offering I just don't think that is the case.

Wahoo is a different breed, though. I'm not saying they are perfect by any means. But when it comes to effort, I can see it in every product that they bring to market.

A couple of weeks ago, Wahoo came out with two upgraded products: the new and improved KICKR BIKE SHIFT and the KICKR MOVE.

Thanks to the shipping and supply chain that we are all currently dealing with, we are still waiting to get our hands on the KICKR BIKE SHIFT. But we did, however, get the upgraded KICKR MOVE, and I think it's sweet.

Wahoo is not the first company to try to add real time movement to a stationary bike or a bike on a trainer. We have been seeing these come out for years. But it wasn't until Garmin came out with their Shake-Weight-commercial-style add-on Tacx NEO Motion Plates, that the more realistic riding feel to the indoor sufferfest is what I consider a realistic size and price point.

During Wahoo's recent financial issues and legal disputes with Zwift, they lost a little steam when it came to staying ahead of the game. Like many companies, they have experienced massive growth mixed with bumps in the road. However, Wahoo has seemed to recover and are now back on track leading the charge when it comes to once again bringing products to market that help athletes get outside. I would like to point out as well that Wahoo and Zwift seemed to have come to more of an understanding about what they are truly good at with each staying in lanes and working together again (which is awesome).

Now back to the product: built on the same frame chassis as the OG Kickr, the Kickr Move allows for 8 inches of front to rear movement in the unlocked position. This is much more important than we know. This not only allows for the rider to not get super bored on those long trainer rides, but it engages those activation muscles we all use when we are riding outside. You know, like the ones that help you stay upright! It also is something that will greatly help new cyclists that maybe start on this trainer feel way more comfortable when they get on the road.

It comes with a Power Accuracy of +/-1% and a maximum power output of 2200W. And, of course, auto-calibration, firmware updates and the same side-to-side movement as the Kickr. Heading into the winter months here in North America, combine this with the Kickr Climb, Kickr Headwind, and the Kickr Desk so that you are getting ready to have your best 2024 season yet. (I might even ride have to hop on Zwift again.)

We are still putting the new toy through the paces, but so far this is the most realistic indoor ride feel that I have experienced for the price point. It’s easy to set up and tear down, and a true flywheel is always the way to go. Here is a quick video of the unpacking and set up process. Also see just how easy it is to turn on and off the motion feature.