Here comes Kate Major

Kate Major finished 3rd at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2004, 2005 and 2007, and looks forward to step up a couple places at the 30th anniversary race in 2008. But she is currently focusing on Panthers Ironman Australia.

ST: Kate, Ironman Australia is coming up soon. Do you feel prepared and ready?

Kate: I feel I have done the best preparation I can for the race and am ready to get out there and give it everything I have.

ST: Looking back at 2007, what do you consider the best and worst experience of the year?

Kate: My best experience of 2007 would be my 3rd placing in the World IM Championships, Hawaii. The worst experience was at the World 70.3 World Championships on Florida where I crashed into the median strip which was full of bushes, covered in sharp, black thorns….not pretty!

ST: What else is on schedule for you in 2008?

Kate: I have yet to decide a concrete schedule for after IM Australia until I get back to the US and sit down with my coach and discuss the best plan of attack for me, going towards Kona.

ST: Can you describe a mid season training week?

Kate: Monday-Swim, bike or run & gym and MASSAGE
Tuesday-run and swim
Wednesday- ride and run
Thursday- run and swim
Friday-swim and run and ART
Saturday-ride and run
Sunday-run and swim/surf

ST: Are there days when you do nothing?

Kate: I do consider myself disciplined (most of the time). Every now and then I have days where I feel like doing something else. I will go for surf or do whatever it is I feel I need to do. I know if I do, I will be in the sport for a long time as it mentally refreshes me.

ST: How do you typically spend the off-season?

Kate: In Australia, surfing, mountain biking, spending time with friends and family and doing a bit of training with people I haven’t seen for a while. My manger and I discuss my race gear/equipment/sponsors for the upcoming year and my coach and I go over that year’s season and look at the upcoming race season.

ST: Did anyone help you with your bike fit?

Kate: Yes, John Cobb.

ST: What is your favorite race and why?

Kate: World IM Championships, Hawaii - it is everything I had pictured IM was going to be like for a race. The best athlete’s in the world organize their races throughout the year to peak for it, making it the toughest.

ST: What is going on for you in terms of sponsorships?

Kate: I have three new sponsors for this year. Genr8 Nutrition, Orca and Reynolds. Saucony, Orbea, Oakley, Blackwell, IM Helmets, Computrainer, Saris (Powertap), B and L Bikes and Cassidy’s Massage Clinic continue to support me ☺

ST: Do you follow any other sports?

Kate: I don’t really follow as such any other sports but I like to watch/read about Rugby League, Cycling on and off road, surfing, adventure and extreme sports.

ST: What sports did you take part when you grew up?

Kate: Anything I could! I tried to make every sports team I could at school (soccer, softball, athletics, swimming, cross country, basketball and touch football) and outside school I went from horse riding to squash. It was easier on my mum both financially and time wise to take up squash as it was close enough to ride to the club from our house and was cheaper!
My brother was a top league player and into all sports, I looked up to him as a kid and he involved my sister and I in most of his sports.

ST: What is your favorite and least favorite food?

Kate: Favorite food- sweets and least favorite-seafood

ST: What about music, what do you like?

Kate: A wide variety and as most experience, it depends on their mood at the time! I am not a big heavy metal fan but don’t mind ACDC from time to time☺
Handel (classical), Xavier Rudd, Dave Matthews, Tiddas, GOB, OAR, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Avril Levigne, Pink….I need a juke box so I can have everything from 60’s-now of all types of music!

ST: What was the last book you read?

Kate: Floyd Landis’ book

ST: Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?

Kate: Racing IM, healthy and happy!

ST: Is there anything else we should know about you?

Kate: Don’t want to tell you too much; have to keep some things to myself!
Don’t be afraid to live a dream or try to-you never know if you don’t try.

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