Kona Cupcakes with Linsey Corbin

Callum Millward came up with an epic finish idea for Linsey Corbin involving a chase and a cowgirl. But there is much more in this Cupcakes in Kona episode. Coach Jesse K, pacing, yachting, girl scouts and compression socks are covered among other topics.

Linsey Corbin was kind enough to assist Callum Millward with his stage outfit.

[Publisher's note: Many of you will find nothing untoward in the above video interview. Others will recognize that the comedic device used may and probably is offensive to Native North Americans. I think it's worth discussing, as Slowtwitch should be a place everyone can read about triathlon and rest in the knowledge that offense shall not be given. I've begun a forum discussion on this, and I invite discussion, especially from those in the affected cohort.]