Lance Armstrong Interview at TBI

The subject of my interview with Lance Armstrong at the Triathlon Business International (TBI) conference came up on our reader forum. This conference was in Dallas, it just concluded, and I promised our forum readers posting on that particular thread that if this interview was filmed, and was available, I'd do my best to post it here for those interested in viewing it. Here it is:

My goal was to spend 20 minutes on his podcasts, 20 minutes in WEDU, and 20 minutes on questions from the audience. That is pretty much what you'll see if you watch.

If you simply want to know what Lance thinks about his past doping, and his attendant behavior, you can skip the first hour of this 66-minute interview and start watching at the 1-hour mark. The last 6 minutes is pretty revealing, I think.

Otherwise, the interview can speak for itself, and you can all speak for yourselves (which a number of you will!), either on our reader forum or via Facebook posts just below what you're reading now.

[Credits: The still photo is courtesy Paul Phillips.]