Row, row, row across ....

Fat Chance Row is a project of Sami Inkinen who instead of getting ready for another Ironman Hawaii World Championships will row with his wife Meredith from California to Hawaii. We had a few words with him about the ambitious project.

This is the first time in 7 years that Inkinen won't be racing in Hawaii and in a nutshell he and his wife will each row 12 hours a day non-stop for about 60 days and do that without consuming sugar and almost no carbohydrates. Their effort will be part of the inaugural Great Pacific Ocean Rowing Race and they are the only American team participating. You can learn more about that big adventure at and you can see a clip from one of the training sessions here

During one of many many training sessions in preparation for Fat Chance Row.

Sam Inkinen's with Meredith during an erg session.

We suspect that this 2 month adventure will be a fantastic marriage test.

This is not yet painted, but this is what they will row across the Pacific.

Survival training is very important for this trip.