Viktor Zemtsev drops in

Ukrainian Viktor Zemtsev is known as a tough pro triathlete and amazingly fast runner, but not so much as a man of too many words. We cornered this Timex multisport team athlete and were able to squeeze a few words out of him.

ST: Viktor, do you think you are as ready as you want to be for Kona?

Viktor: Yes, I think I am ready as I want to be.

ST: You are an amazingly fast runner, but what will it take to show the triathlon world that you can run with the best in Kona?

Viktor: As you know I tried to show my best run in Kona few times.So I am still looking for way how to achieve this goal.

ST: What have you done this year to prepare for the World Championships?

Viktor: I did 4 weeks training in high altitude then I spent some days in Arizona to get use to heat.

ST: Are there any specific weather conditions you are hoping for?

Viktor: I am taking it as it comes.

ST: I know it is tough to make predictions, but I’ll as you for some anyway. What is your goal for the race and who’ll have the fastest run split?

Viktor: I hope for top 10 this year and I think Macca can show fastest run or me.

ST: Any thoughts on the favorites for the men’s and the women’s race?

Viktor: The favorite man can be Norman and female Michellie.

ST: Do you have any idols in the sport of triathlon?

Viktor: No, I don’t.

ST: Would you actually like to see a different venue for the Ironman World Championships, or is Kona the place for it?

Viktor: Kona is a good place to see who is real Iron Man.

ST: What is your favorite race and why?

Viktor: World Championship 2005 in Denmark. The world title really means something.

ST: Do you have any favorite food items?

Viktor: The Ukrainian borsch.

ST: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Viktor: Still racing