2013 Eurobike - Day 3

Another day of the 2013 Eurobike filled the 12 massive halls with visitors, and exhibitors did their best to showcase their goods. We looked at bikes from Ceepo, Swift, Pinarello and Stevens, managed to play with the Recon glasses, noticed a few clothing items and saw more interesting helmets. At the end of the day the parties started to roll.

Quite a few brands are actually well known for their Wednesday evening activities, but one of the larger ones takes place in and around the Continental booth. About 250 gallons of custom Continental labeled Leibinger beer plus delicious chili was handed out to tired trade show folks, who eagerly obliged.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

Performances on this stage take place most of the day and there are plenty of spectators.

Enve's new SES aerobar is quite versatile and adjustable and comes in a box just like this.

The SES bar assembled in a very low setup, but with the extensions not yet cut.

We got to play with the Recon Jet glasses today and the first units will apparently ship in December.

Bioraces makes some fast suits and we all recognize the orange and white one, but the one in front looks somewhat familiar too. Can you say Froome?

The 2014 Ceepo Viper will accept a disc brake in the front, o a regular brake.

Some guy at Ceepo made this mount for CO2 cartridges, that bolts to the Di2 mount.

The 2014 Zxellium Ultimate road shoe from Mavic shed a bit of weight and now weighs 250 grams.

With quite a few Europeans commuting on their bikes some brands like Agu offer very smart cycling apparel.

The Swift Neurogen is featured here with some prototype storage units. The front one hold water and the rear one other stuff.

This Stevens TT bike looked strangely familiar.

The Lazer Z1 is the new high-end offering from this Belgian brand and comes in a big variety of colors.

The Cappuccino Lock fits in between the helmet buckles and allows the user to lock up their bike with their helmet.

The Castelli Pro Secco Ice arm skins offer SPF 50 sun protection and at 80 degrees Fahrenheit the graphics disappear alerting the user to add water to cool down.

Kask showed a couple new color options of the Bambino helmet, but more importantly, it will now be available in size Large too.

A closer look at the front end of the Pinarello Bolide of Chris Froome.

Specialized had set up a wind tunnel replica in their booth.

The Poc Octal Aero helmet will likely be seen in the Pro Tour next year and this Swedish brand is all about safety and visibility. They also have partnered with icedot.org.

The frontal perspective of the Poc Octal Aero.

It was very busy in the Continental booth and these 2 young women were opening bottles as fast as they could.