2013 Handmade Bicycle Show

The 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show took place in Denver, Co and our man Timothy Carlson was on the ground to capture some impressions of this annual passionate event.

All images © Timothy Carlson / slowtwitch.com

Alchemy Bicycle out of Denver, Colorado won an award for best carbon construction.

The Boston based Geekhouse crew is a regular Handmade Show exhibitor.

This Guru Photon was built up crazy light.

The trip to the show was an easy one for Mosaic .

Richard Sachs is well known for his cyclocross and road creations.

A very fast looking coupled Co-Motion tandem.

Interesting lines on this tandem.

A closer look at the front end.

This Eriksen FS bike very beautiful water jet cut elements.

Daryl Funk of Funk Cycles has been in this game forever and he is well known for funky over sized elevated chainstay aluminum bikes.

Fat is certainly in when it comes to mountain bikes.

Steve Bilenky from Philadelphia is a popular man in the Handmade Bicycle world.

A closer look at a Calfee bamboo bike.

Do not interrupt an exhibitor who is detailing a bike.

Potential bike part thieves are supposed to have a tough time with this Atomic.

A lot of welding took place here.

A coupled Soulcraft Dirtbomb cross bike in bright orange.

Suppliers also exhibit at the Handmade Bicycle Show.

Moots grabbed an award for best theme bike plus they won the People's Choice award.

The Best of Show award went to Rob English of English Cycles for this TT bike he built for himself.