2013 Ironman Hawaii - day 4

Today we stopped by the Aquatic Center in Kona, perused the Expo and ran into quite a few Pros, and the 2013 GoPro Ironman World Championship race is now only 2 days away.

We noticed quite a bit less bike traffic on Alii Drive and the Queen K but still saw a few folks acting inconsiderate in traffic. Many people riding and driving on Alii Drive often do not stop at cross walks even with several pedestrians clearly standing and waiting there. And this afternoon on the Queen K a pair of athletes turned around just past the airport to head back into town and the first guy to cross the road forced a car who also headed towards town to really step on the brakes, and to make things even worse, that athlete wasn't wearing a helmet.

Folks, please be considerate and careful.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

This morning Siri Lindley had a swim session with Mirinda Carfrae and defending champion Leanda Cave. Here she gave Carfrae a new task.

Leanda Cave looks fantastic in the pool and was in the middle of a longer set while we were there.

Next to the King Kam hotel Ironman put up a wall of fame that lists all athletes at the start in Kona and here a competitor pints to her family where she is on the wall.

A couple Japanese underpants run participants are either heading back to the hotel or a dip at the pier.

The Aquasphere Kaiman Exo is a new goggle that features a two compound build. It is slightly smaller than the regular Kaiman and is slated to be available in 2014.

Busy action in the Bonk Breaker booth.

Big Sexy McDonald served Coffees of Hawaii beverages and cleverly had milk and sugar on his fuel belt.

Jakub Macel of Cervelo is working here on the trailer connection of the Kona Inspired Team Win.

The TYR Special Ops 2.0 goggles are available in a variety country themes.

Team Timex athlete Luis Alvarez will be doing his 100th Ironman event this weekend.

We noticed this very cool SnapOn tool in the Team Timex mechanic area. This prototype CDI torque tool can be adjusted to various torque setting limits and of course accepts a variety of bits.

Timo Bracht got a special Kona Rotor shirt today.

Axel Zeebroek of team Uplace with his BMC race bike.

Matt Russell sports the limited edition Timex Kona watch.

Keith Meyer is no longer with Timex but at X2 Performance at least he can stay within the same color family.

Mr Lava Java hardly has time to step outside during Ironman week.

For European athletes the Oakley booth is especially tempting and wallet unloading.

Busy action at the Cytomax house the day after the Slowtwitch gathering.

Frederik Van Lierde seemed to be on a casual run near Magic Sands.

Not everyone was preoccupied with running, swimming or cycling, some folks indeed just relaxed here at Magic Sands.