2013 Ironman Hawaii - race 1

We now present our first set of images from the 2013 GoPro Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and there will be more to come on the home page, plus we have added lots of images to our slowtwitch Facebook page. Tag yourself or your friends should you see yourself.

The 2013 race saw incredible battles at the front but in the end Frederik van Lierde and Mirinda Carfrae were the new champions.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

Frederik Van Lierde had a very solid day in Kona and raced well in every segment of the race.

Earlier in the morning Van Lierde checked his helmet one more time.

Bevan Docherty was near the front of the race most of the day.

Luke McKenzie was very aggressive on the bike.

The 2-time 70.3 World Champion Sebastian Kienle rode well too, but likely expected more from himself.

Andre Starykowicz had pushed hard from the start to get away, and it was rumored that he chased a big course record bonus, but despite the quickest bike time by 35 seconds today, he fell short of the record and here Luke McKenzie had reeled him in.

Another athlete who had a wonderful day in Kona was Tyler Butterfield from Bermuda.

Many eyes were on defending champion Pete Jacobs and his new bike, but this Aussie did not have a great day.

Meredith Kessler rode hard at the front of the women's race.

The Kona race course and conditions found Liz Blatchford well.

Jodie Swallow was very aggressive on the bike too, but did not get away.

The defending female champion Leanda Cave had a better race than her male counterpart, but likely not what she had imagined.

Luke McKenzie dropped Starykowicz quickly on the run and built up a nice lead.

Ivan Rana had a great run too and recorded a 2:47:52.

When Bevan Docherty came out of the Natural Energy Lab,, he looked utterly worn out.

Brandon Marsh fell off the pace a bit during the run but he looked great earlier.

Caroline Steffen and Leanda Cave ran side-by-side down Alii Drive in what must have felt like a deja vu, but this time the race was up the road.

Rachel Joyce ran well and ended up in second place.

But with the fastest run of the day that gave her a course record, and an overall new record too, the 2013 champion was Mirinda Carfrae.

Pete Jacobs and Luke Bell walked together down Palani, and earlier they also walked out of the Energy Lab. i