2014 Eurobike - day 2

More bikes, people and gadgets caught my eyes on the second day of the 2014 Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It was a beautiful day too, and riding a bike would have been nice, but alas, I decided to snap pictures and collect bike gallery images. Enjoy.

Pepe Navarro Cases of Hed Europe showed us the brand new Hed GT3 rear wheel. It is the only one in existence, but by Kona we should be seeing Ivan Rana on a pair.

We also noticed the Hed Black Edition wheels with a textured black brake track and black graphics.

This Schwalbe One handmade tubular is a solid 28mm wide.

The new paint scheme of the Cervelo P5 appears race car themed.

This is the new entry level Louis Garneau P-06 aero helmet.

Nobuyuki Joe Tanaka is the man behind Ceepo - and this man is passionate.

This very bright yellow Vittora THL EVO triathlon shoe retails for Euro 289.99

The Verve Cycling Infocrank is a bilateral power meter and Big Magnus Backstedt showed it to me. This power meter with rings and a Praxis Works BB retails for $1750.

The Casco SpeedAiro RS helmet features a Vautron lens that is very tough and quickly adjusts to light changes.

A quick blast of the flashlight made the lens darker where I held the light.

Thompson is a Belgian brand and they clearly did not miss out in the fluo shop.

Cannondale had this all black Slice in their booth and it is very sharp.

Scott had the largest triathlon presence of the big brands. Most others just had a tri bike somewhere on the side.

I have often wondered if dirty athlete bikes are that dirty from an event or if a marketing person gives it the look. Be it as it may, this Nino Schurter Scott is sharp.

This is a bike just like the one of Starky, but it seems very, very clean and unused.

This is the new Orca R10 helmet. It is very light.

This cover and shield is just a prototype, but it is designed to make this light helmet an aero one. The cover with shield will be held in place by screws, but the owner can decide which way he or she wants to ride it.

The Garmin Vector S is a single sided power meter system that retails for Euro 849.

The BMC Crossmachine is designed to be a cross bike.

Lake jump practice was this afternoon, and a Zeppelin just returned from a tour as this guy launched into the lake.