2014 Eurobike - day 3

Tomorrow is consumer day at Eurobike and we thus spent an extra long time perusing the halls for gears, goodies, gadgets and more on this final industry day.

In the Rotor booth we noticed country themed Q rings and this custom Freddy Van Lierde edition. This is something soon available from the Spanish brand.

Lloyd Thomas of the Shimano Bike Fit team works with a German U17 cyclist during the early morning hours at Eurobike.

Hmmm, we wonder why power2max has a Campagnolo crank with a pink power2max meter.

The Rudy Project Broomstick glasses are new casual women shades of this Italian company. On both faces here.

This is the first time I saw the Ridley Dean Fast, and we will have more of this bike.

This Time frame is their entry into the aero road bike wars.

The SH+ Tri Eolus comes in a variety of distinctive colors plus this mirrored one.

German brand Lightweight showed off the Smartwheel Concept. Via an app on your phone you can see tire pressure and rim temperature. It is just a prototype, but they were curious if an additional $800 or so per set to get such data would find consumers well, or at least be acceptable.

The Liv Envie Advanced Tri is an entry level women's tri bike.

These Swisseye C-Shield S glasses appear to be great triathlon lenses, as are typically most frameless glasses.

Italian shoe brand Gaerne is not afraid of color - that is sure.

This K-Edge combo Garmin mount allows you to attach either a GoPro, Shimano or Garmin camera below.

This is one color option for the Cervelo P3.

This artistic Czech Republic guy refurbishes bikes and he rode one of the machines he worked on to promote KoolStop brakes.

The Canyon Commuter bike is a real eye catch and it found the Eurobike Awards jury well too. It won gold.

Up close with this beautiful belt driven commuter bike.

The Sportful R&D Speedskin jersey might not be too much of a burden to get on in T1 and get off in T2.

Get them started early. These tiny performance undershirts from Six2 should fit fairly young cyclists.

Profile Design showed a new Vertex saddle. There will be 4 versions, and they should be available by December.

The FC System is a new BTA offering by Profile Design and has storage and an adjustable Garmin mount too. Available by Kona.

World Champion Rui Costa in the Salice booth in front of his poster. He was very easy going and super friendly.

Little kids apparently want fat bikes too.

Electric bikes were everywhere at Eurobike, and Bosch is one of the big suppliers of electric motors.

Stromer is a great name for an electric bike. Strom is the German word for electricity, and Strom is to Stromer as Berlin is to Berliner - sort of.

Yes, those are Loopwheels.

Many manufacturers feature MIPS in their helmets, and here is a MIPS hall of fame.