2014 Ironman Kona - day 5

More swimming, the underpants run, a few bikes and interesting folks made it into our daily diary gallery from the 2014 GoPro Ironman World Championships.

The Dimond of Eric Hinman was inspired by a Justin Bieber car as I have been told, and Eric has confirmed - and it is a very sharp looking bike.

The defending champion Frederik Van Lierde swam at the pier this morning, and was surrounded by fans and friends.

Javier Gomez is in town to check out the big event as he is likely racing here soon. He bumped into Trent Chapman from Team PIS and Javier was a great sport. I predict that Chapman will go 8:49.

German Alex Taubert was also at the pier, and he finished fourth here in 2004. He is not racing though.

The 2014 Underpants Run apparently narrowly missed the record, but folks had fun just the same.

People who arrived in town to just spend time in Hawaii must have thought that the world has gone mad.

After the Underpants Run the water was packed, but I am not sure what everyone was waiting for.

Frederik Van Lierde as the 2013 champion got a new banner up, and Mirinda Carfrae a second star on hers.

The Hoka booth was buzzing.

This Hawaiian themed Fizik Tritone saddle was created for the Raelerts, but is available to you and me in the expo.

Blue brought this Red, White and Blue bike to Kona, and it is meant for a military benefit raffle - thus the uncut steerer and all the spacers.

Bevan Docherty looks very calm and relaxed.

Meanwhile folks are working hard to get the finish area prepped for the big day. These tall big screen towers do not just go up magically.

Rick Lapinski from Chicago is multitasking. He qualified at Mont Tremblant.

Diaa Nour is Leanda Cave's boyfriend and his hair is very distinctive.

Cruising along Alii Drive with the sun in full force.

It is impossible to go around in Kona without bumping into Dave Mirra.

The Aussie Lakers are also everywhere. Go Lakers.

And just as it was time to pack up for the day I saw Eric Hinman cruising along Alii Drive. He is truly one of the nicest persons I have met in triathlon.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com