2014 Ironman Kona - day 6

Friday in Kona during the Ironman World Championships week usually only means one thing - a relatively quiet morning followed by the big bike check-in. I was there most of the time between noon and 5:30pm to capture images of this parade of fancy bikes, standard machines, interesting alterations, nervous folks and calm and relaxed ones.

The check-in gates to the bike compound on the pier were opened before noon.

German Boris Stein was among the early Pros to check in.

Andreas Raelert looked very calm and relaxed as he brought his bike to the pier.

Sofie Goos always seems to have a smile for the media and family and friends.

Will we see Faris race in a Speedo tomorrow? Only time will tell.

Henri Buck Kelmerson from Brazil seems prepared for the worst situation. But the saddle setup does not look comfortable.

Isaac Tonello from the Aussie Sunshine Coast fabricated this aero trough for his Specialized.

Gone is the camouflaged Scott Plasma 5 for Sebastian Kienle and he now rides the mean looking stock one.

Chris Big Sexy McDonald recently partnered up with Quintana Roo.

The Giant race bike of Aussie Tim Van Berkel.

Linsey Corbin also looked very relaxed and calm.

Victor Del Corral checked in his bike and Rudy Project helmet.

Daniel Halksworth was very popular as he checked in.

Nils Frommhold has been flying completely under the radar here, but he is one to watch.

Heather Wurtele was simply too fast for us.

The pimped out rides of some age groupers often rival those of the Pros.

Andrew Starykowicz also moved very fast through the gauntlet of media and fans.

Gina Crawford looked very stylish as she entered the check-in area.

Belgian Marino Vanhoenacker is a bit of an unknown quantity this year, but I expect him to be in the mix.

A young fan requested an autograph and Terenzo Bozzone obliged.

I was able to quickly snag a pic of Meredith Kessler's bike as she dealt with her race bags.

Jason Wilkes from the UK had a nice setup, and a fine bib number.

Ryan and Jacqui Giuliano showed up on custom taped Cervelo P5 bikes.

Leanda Cave came in later in the day.

Michelle Vesterby had time for a few words and a greeting for all slowtwitchers.

All the challenged athletes are a great inspiration. Here Ricky James showed us some love.

Antonio Ferreira Da Silva Neto from Brazil was one of the last athletes to check-in, and he likes it so.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com