2014 Triathlon de Gerardmer pics

Gerardmer, France hosted a variety of triathlon events this weekend and Camilla Pedersen struck gold in two of them. Enjoy these beautiful impressions from the weekend where reportedly 4,700 athletes swam, biked and ran.

The weather played along nicely in Gerardmer, and sunny blue skies greeted the athletes as they went on their journey.

Axel Zeebroek rode hard in Gerardmer, but in the end had to settle for the runner-up spot in the half distance XL event.

The Vogesen region of France is stunning and makes for very challenging racing.

But it is not only hilly around Gerardmer.

Sylvain Sudrie had a tough battle on hand with Axel Zeebroek, but in the end he prevailed.

Eimear Mullan also had a good day, but she could not get past Camilla Pedersen.

The men's podium of Axel Zeebroek (2nd), Sylvain Sudrie (1st) and Ritchie Nicholls (3rd)

Kids also were in action in Gerardmer.

And just like many of the adults, they showed a lot of passion and determination.

This is the start of Triathlon Decouverte, a sprint distance event with 1,200 starters.

Brit Raoul Shaw led the bike early in the Olympic race.

The crows were massive on course and it shows the popularity of triathlon as a spectator sport in Europe.

Dick and Rick Hoyt have inspired families around the globe and here is an athlete in France during the Olympic Tri.

Etienne Diemunsch on the way to the Olympic title in Gerardmer.

Camilla Pedersen showed no signs of the previous day's half distance effort.

Despite two flat tires Auréline Lescure went on to finish 4th with the fastest run split of 34'48''

Here comes the Olympic champion Diemunsch.

Camilla Pedersen on the way to grab her second title in as many days.

The defending champion, Charlotte Morel finished 2nd in the Olympic
distance event.