2014 XTERRA Costa Rica

Leonardo Chacon and Shonny Vanlandingham grabbed the wins at the 2014 XTERRA Costa Rica event and here is a beautiful gallery by J. Andres Vargas of Lead adventure Media from the action.

Leonardo Chacon had a great day on home soil.

Josiah Middaugh on full throttle on this fast section.

Lined up but nicely spaced.

German Pro Sebastian Bauer on the way to 10th place.

Here Leonardo Chacon charges up a hill in an adjusted cyclocross style.

Bike issues for Josiah Middaugh.

Talented Mauricio Mendez from Mexico had a good day in Costa Rica

A very smooth jump on the bike by Rom Akerson who also hails from Costa Rica.

Czech Republic's Jan Kubicek on his way to 9th place.

After another superb swim Christine Jeffrey held on to the lead on the bike for a long time.

American Branden Rakita recorded a 7th place in Costa Rica.

Tennessee's pride Craig Evans rode hard with Mauricio Mendez and dropped back to 5th at the end.

Once on the run Mauricio Mendez pulled away from Evans and charged towards 3rd place.

No doubt here that Rom Akerson was giving all, and he was rewarded with 4th place.

Chacon though looked smooth and comfortable in every segment.

To the winner go the spoils. Hail the champion Leonardo Chacon.

Josiah Middaugh finished second and with a smile.

A superb performance and another title for 45 year old Shonny Vanlandingham.

Christine Jeffrey grabbed the runner-up spot.

A big muddy hug from 3rd place male Mauricio Mendez.