2015 Celtman Extreme Triathlon

Dirk Zangen and Siobhan Prise were victorious at the 2015 Celtman Extreme Triathlon in Scotland after 3.8k of swimming, a massive 202k of cycling and a closing very undulating 42k run. But wow is that area stunning.

"I still can't get over the weekend. The whole organization was incredible, the support and encouragement from everyone involved was amazing. The race was so epic it will stay with me for the rest of my life," said female champion Siobhan Prise.

"To me Celtman is a fascinating race – the beauty and brutality of the Scottish Highlands combined with the Celtman spirit and atmosphere make it truly unique. In 2013 I fell apart on the hill – coming back this year and winning it is more than I could have dreamed of," said Dirk Zangen, the 2015 male champion.

But here now are impressions from the day through the lens of Colin Henderson of colinhendersonphoto.com

There are very few events where you have such raw nature and very few spectators along the course.

It is an unusual race in many aspects, and the unusual orchestrated swim start adds to the myth of this Norseman sister event.

The pack might not be as large as in other races, but there is still a sea of flying arms.

The leaders of course have a bit more room to glide and enjoy the scenery.

German Dirk Zangen charged into the lead and soon was gone.

To catch two folks on the bike together is a very tough task for a photographer.

The roads are empty but very challenging for the competitors, and yes it is 202k of cycling fun.

Dirk Zangen hel on to the lead on the bike and reached T2 with a big margin.

The running terrain is very undulating but again features stunning vistas.

And we go up, up and up.

What goes up must also come down and this section is not for those faint of heart.

With most of the course now behind athletes are ready for some recovery.

But it is not over until it is over.

And here is a short and very well done ceremony video from the 2015 event.

2015 Celtman Extreme Triathlon
Wester Ross, Scotland
3.8k swim / 202k bike / 42k run

Top women

1. Siobhan Prise (Scotland) 14:01:44
2. Karin Sloove (Netherlands) 14:20:07
3. Marie Meldrum (Scotland) 14:21:19
4. Laura Sarkis 14:47:09
5. Emily Greaves 14:48:29

Top males

1. Dirk Zangen (Germany) 11:51:14
2. Chris Stirling (England) 12:08:51
3. (tie) Heiko Sepp - (Estonia) 12:46:04
3. (tie) Odd Arne Engesæter (Norway) 12:46:04
5. Sean McFarlane 12:47:11