2015 Challenge Roth - check-in

The order of the day was checking-in the bikes into T1 for Challenge Roth and we have great images of hot bikes, fast athletes and various oddities.

German Daniela Sämmler of Team Erdinger checks her bike into transition and makes sure the helmet stays put.

A big line formed early on during bike check-in, but the process was fast and smooth.

Christian Brader was the first male pro into transition with this distinctive Cipollini Nuke.

Gerrit Schellens from Belgium rides a Boardman.

American Chris Bagg of Team Wattie Ink rides a Giant Trinity Advanced SL.

Gina Crawford cut her number too small and got a replacement one as she checked in.

Yvonne Van Vlerken and Per Bittner will race new Simplon bikes tomorrow.

German Natascha Schmitt makes final adjustments on her Fuji.

Vanessa Pereira's Hotta with the Oval fork was a serious attention getter.

Kevin Garwood of Team Garwood added this best- and worst- case bike mile scenario to his toptube.

Bernhard Langerbein bought a cracked Scott Plasma 1 on eBay and with a lot of love, passion and skill created this distinctive bike.

The variety of bikes in T1 is stunning and entertaining.

These Minions will probably be very dizzy on the bike.

Fireman Rob likely has the largest run transition bag in Roth.

Martin Schuster is one of the popular athletes racing for Team Arndt.

American Blake Becker will experience Roth for the first time tomorrow.

Never show up to a gun fight with a knife.

The very old school bike of Johannes Rößler.

Andy Baldwin's bike cracked in transit to Roth, and he will race on a new Orbea tomorrow.

Loaded and ready for a long day in the saddle.

Oh well.

This saddle pitch is not accidental.

Nils Frommhold is one of two favorites and he will race on the new Canyon prototype.

Timo Bracht makes final adjustments to his Quintana Roo PRsix.

The new Orbea Ordu that will be ridden by Andrew Starykowicz tomorrow.

Carrie Lester and Scott DeFilippis after checking in their bikes towards the end.

Olivier Godart is ready and motivated.

The long walk back up the hill.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com