2015 Challenge Roth - day 1

Today was the first day of the 2015 Datev Challenge Roth, including a press conference, the opening of the expo and registration, and the popular Erdinger party.

Laura Bennett is a Datev Challenge Roth newbie, but with her amazing smile she fit right in.

Early in the day Felix Walchshöfer posed for media with Fireman Rob, who came all the way from Madison, Wisconsin to raise awareness for firefighters and the work they do.

Joe Waugh from Newcastle, UK (competing in M30-34) sat down with his family to enjoy a quiet picnic.

Blueseventy is the official swim sponsor of the 2015 Datev Challenge Roth and they came well prepared. Many in attendance likely had jacket envy as it was a brisk day in Roth.

This sign was an eye catcher.

Athletes looked for their names on the start list and sized up the competition.

Simplon brought this new bike to Challenge Roth, and both Yvonne Van Vlerken and Per Bittner will race one of these on Sunday.

Andres Douzoglou traveled from Berkeley, California to experience Challenge Roth for the first time.

The water temperature has been hovering right at the non-wetsuit swim limit.

Daniel Teklehaimanot of Team Mtn Qhubeka grabbed the KOM jersey at the Tour de France aboard one of these Cervelo S5 race bikes.

Many eyes are on defending champion Timo Bracht this week.

The father and son Team Garwood from South Africa during race registration.

Lasse Ibert shows a new limited Quintana Roo PRsix stem that has a slot for the Di2 junction box.

Nils Frommhold is the other big favorite - last year he held the lead until about 10k to go on the run.

Meanwhile the Canyon booth was working hard on Nils Frommhold's new prototype.

Gina Crawford and Daniela Sämmler during the Erdinger party in Bavarian Dirndl dresses.

Family Starykowicz is also new to the Challenge Roth world and many are curious to see what the fast-riding American can do coming back after an injury pause.

His legs look ready and made these Lederhosen look like Lycra shorts.

Kristian and Renate Fesel of Benoni, South Africa, accompanied by her parents, enjoy a few beers in the Erdinger beer garden.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

Correction: I initially identified Daniel Teklehaimanot of Team Mtn Qhubeka as the first African to hold the TdF polka dot jersey (based on a post by his team), but that is incorrect. Froome, born in Kenya, held it in 2013.