2015 Challenge Roth - day 2

A busy morning swim, 2 new bikes, fantastic weather, big crowds at the expo, and party time in Roth.

Before 7am in the morning the canal was no yet crowded, but the athletes kept coming.

This bunch clearly came from Canada.

Mike Orton from Blueseventy decided to brave the water without a wetsuit, but the swim on Sunday will likely be wetsuit legal.

Team Garwood rode back from the canal after the morning swim.

Everywhere in town athletes were busy cycling, running or swimming.

At the expo athletes were able to swim in the very cool Leipziger swim flume that sits on the back of a huge truck.

Orbea showed editors this new Ordu, but we can't share details until later on Sunday.

New Balance has a big presence at the expo - here is the new Fresh Foam Boracay.

Luis Alvarez is excited to be back in Roth for the first time in about 10 years.

Lightweight brought a new 60mm Fernweg wheel to Challenge Roth.

This young Dutch girl grabbed a High5 beverage for her father who is racing on Sunday.

Healthy food items at the P. Jentschura booth garnered great interest.

This new RunnerTune shoe is crafted in Hilpoltstein just a few kilometers from Roth. More details to come.

The Powerbreather swim tool is not yet on the market but looks very promising. It attaches to the head with a helmet-like fastening technology.

Michelle Vesterby and Caroline Steffen are in town but are not racing on Sunday.

The still unshaven legs of German pro Nils Frommhold. He said he will shave them before the race...

All the pros kindly sign autographs and spend time supporting their sponsors at the expo.

Quintana Roo introduced the PRfive, a bike that is simpler than the PRsix but with some of the same technology. Starting at $3,700.

This church building will serve as a Challenge Roth daycare on Saturday and Sunday.

A hard fought table tennis match in front of the Pearl Izumi booth.

The pasta party on Friday night was busy and entertaining.

Horst Reichel is another German hoping for a good performance in Roth.

When the pros took the stage the crowd snapped photos.

It was about bed time for the youngest member of the Crawford family.

In downtown Roth, the Bayern 3 party was packed and helped get locals in the mood for Sunday's race.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com