2015 Engadin SwimRun images

Here are some stunning impressions by Jakob Edholm from the 2015 Engadin SwimRun event that took place in the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps, consisting of 53k of trail running and open swimming. Almost 300 athletes from 23 countries participated in the race and they braved 12-15 degree alpine water temps during 8 swim segments totaling 4.75k. The 47.5k of trail running featured 1,450 meters of climbing and amazing views, and the top finishers in the event qualified for the ÖtillÖ World Championships in Sweden in September this year. But be careful looking at these images, you might get "sucked" in.

After the first run section with the field stretched out, there is a sense of calm and tranquility.

Earlier that day almost 300 participants started a team journey on a beautiful day in the Swiss Alps.

For the first few meters the traffic was busy and the spirits were high.

Soon after, the competitors spaced out and there were virtually no onlookers. Here are Markus Rössel (GER) and Fabian Eberhard (GER) in action.

In the water alone with the elements and the teammate in tow.

Land is a welcome sight, even for the fast swimmers.

No time to take selfies or sit down for a picnic in this beautiful setting.

And it is time to get back in the water, with an official looking on.

The water was cold but the views made up for it.

Björn Englund (SWE) and Lelle Moberg (SWE) ran in the lead and took the win.

Not everyone in the Engadin Valley was focused on the race.

Mike Thorén (SWE) and Jesper Svensson (SWE) on the way to 5th place overall.

Another water exit brings the leaders closer to the win and the ticket to ÖtillÖ.

These trails would also make for a great hiking experience.

Crossing water before jumping into the next swim segment.

Some of the swim exits required a bit of friendly assistance.

Athletes are permitted to carry paddles and buoys, but all gear must be carried from beginning to end.

Here come the champions Björn Englund and Lelle Moberg.

Thomas Schreven (FIN) and Jasmina Glad-Schreven (FIN) were the mixed team champions and in 4th place overall.

All images © Jakob Edholm /Engadin SwimRun 15