2016 IRONMAN World Championships day 1

The morning swim and personalities, plus many new bikes are featured within this gallery. Including but not limited to brand new stuff from Cannondale, Cube, BMC and Dimond.

Tyler Butterfield and Joe Skipper were ready for some morning swim action.

Jonas Colting is not racing in Kona, he is here in a support role, but he got a SwimRun session in.

It is tricky to catch Michelle Vesterby not smiling.

Peggy McDowell-Cramer is the oldest female participant in the race and David Daggett is a popular age group athlete and savvy lawyer who has helped out many triathletes.

Steffen Brocks qualifies for the big dance like clockwork, and Keish Doi is also a many time Kona starter.

We are always inspired by athletes who believe and show that Anything Is Possible.

Liz Blatchford is not racing because of injures, she is supporting friends and helped out at the launch of the new BMC TimeMachine 01.

Ventum has many new bright color schemes in the expo area.

That bright orange Quintana Roo PRsix stood out from a distance.

We also approve of this bright green Quintana Roo PRfive.

Romain Guillaume is also not racing here but he enjoys the training conditions in Kona.

CeramicSpeed mechanic Jeff Yingling was working on the the new Cannondale of Andy Potts and we noticed the disc brake and integrated front end.

Here Yingling installed a cover over the front brake cable.

At age 41 Timo Bracht is the oldest male professional racing in Kona.

Cube unveiled this new C68 bike in Kona today and we will soon share a detailed gallery. Notice the low seat stays and the slot behind the headtube. This is the type of bike Andreas Raelert will be racing

Dimond will unveil their new Marquise model tomorrow in Kona.

The Marquise has storage spaces in the top of the beam and also above the bottom bracket.

These beautiful creatures were not interested in bikes and triathletes.