A 2013 Norseman gallery

The 2013 isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon is over but the passion for this event will linger on. Participating athletes and other witnesses will carry the gospel of Norseman around the world. But for now here is a gallery from this year's event and while the images are beautiful indeed it is tough to make the event justice.

Markus Stierli and Inger Nilsen are the 2013 champions, but everyone who crossed the line is a winner - coming home with plenty of memories and either a black or white t-shirt.

Lined up and ready to go for the plunge into the Hardangerfjord.

Having a bit of fun with a big day ahead.

An in the water we go, one at at a time.

With only around 230 starters the launch of the boat was quickly over.

There was a bit of passing on the course but mostly athletes are alone with nature and their thoughts.

Swissman champion Markus Stierli had the fastest bike split and a great day all together.

The sun did come out here and there but it was mostly windy, wet and cold.

Austrian Lydia Waldmüller had a great swim a race best bike effort and led for a very long time.

Spectators on the course are not too common.

The athletes mostly did not have time to take in the stunning landscape.

There aren't that many flat sections on the course at Norseman.

Malin Lundvik was riding in second position in the women's race for a while.

Markus Stierli's crew man looks back to see what is going on behind, but no competitor is in sight.

Allan Hovda is very familiar with this course and ran a smart race.

Hans Nilsson is shedding some layers and works on refueling

Line Foss grabbed the final podium spot with a solid effort all day.

The final 3 miles of the marathon is breathtaking and tough hike.

Allan Hovda knows that he has 3rd place, but the 4th place finisher is not that far behind.

A big welcome for the 2013 isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon champion Markus Stierli.

Inger Nilsen grabbed the 2013 Norseman title in the women's division.