A 2017 SwimRun USA Casco Bay video

360 Media Ventures shot a great video at the SwimRun USA Casco Bay and here is your chance to get up close with this unique race in Maine

This island to island SwimRun race offered a long course event with 5 miles of swimming and 14 miles of running, plus there was a shorter race with 2.25 miles of swimming and 6.5 miles of running.

Emily Finanger and Erin Hunter (Team Valkyrie) were the female champions, and thus defended their 2016 title. John Stevens and Matthew Hurley (Local 207) defended the men's title and grabbed the overall win, and Christopher Borgatti and Lauretta Bailin (Hydromaniac Hawsers Bs) took the mixed title.

The image above is by Aaron Palaian. He shot a great gallery which we featured here.