A 2019 Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon gallery

With smoke from the Swan Lake Forest Fire and hot conditions the 2019 Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon forced participants to reach very deep into their suitcase of courage. After a 4:30 am start athletes swam 3,050 meters in Resurrection Bay, Seward, AK where the water temperatures ranged from 46-52F. The bike segment took them 114 miles along the Seward Highway from Seward to Girdwood with a 4,600 foot gain. The run at the end was 27.5 miles in length with a 6400 foot elevation gain over two mountain climbs at Alyeska in Girdwood, AK. And when it was all said and done Andrew Fast from Salt Lake City, Utah and Christine Ligocki from Seattle, Washington walked away as the 2019 champions. Fast had also won the 2017 event.

Here now are images by Bill Klemm, Bradley Pigage, Andy Romang, and George Stransky from the 2019 Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon.

California resident Chris Hauth is 50 years old now, but he is not slowing down. Here he seen climbing over the top of the mountain in pursuit of Andrew Fast.

Athletes had to line up early for this epic adventure and they dressed up warm for this affair.

The water was indeed cold but the athletes seemed to manage it well, plus they came here to be challenged and not be served an easy course.

Without awesome volunteers we could not have races be it extreme or otherwise. So here is a big thank you to all those who volunteer their time at races.

During the bike segment the smoke from the forest fire was very noticeable, but other participants ere out of sight.

There is plenty of climbing on the course and nothing easy about it, except for possibly the scenery being easy on the eyes

A quick time check, and then off for some fun running and climbing.

Chris Hauth chased hard but in the end he had to settle for the runner-up spot, about 28 minutes behind the winner.

There is much to visually take in on this course, and those looking for a unique challenge would likely be rewarded here.

The Winner Creek Trail eventually leads to the Winner Creek Hand Tram, and here Christine Ligocki is seen pulling herself across the gorge. A difficult task late in the race, and something all athletes have to do.

The sun came out as athletes climbed higher and higher.

Stunning views indeed, but the athletes had a task at hand.

Full attention is required and the snow was deep here.

The steeper the trails are, the more popular it is to use trekking poles.

This is not Switzerland - this is Alaska.

Michael Shephard on his way to 6th place male and 7th place overall.

Andrew Fast on the way to his second title in the superb time of 11:13:13

The very happy 2019 female champion Christine Ligocki clocked a 14:08:49 and that meant 5th place overall.