A California Aero Camp

Late last week a group of triathletes led by Brian Stover of Accelerate 3 Coaching and Heath Dotson of HD Coaching went to the VELO Sports Center in Carson, CA for a 2 day aero camp.

Camp members were Jon Moen, Dusty Nabor, Karin Langer, Dan McGowan, Paul Queneau, Lora Popolizia, Jack Toland and Rebecca McGee and of course Heath Dotson and Brian Stover also got to work on their aero numbers. Bike fitting itself was not on the agenda, but it was something that was offered by Jim Manton of ERO Sports for those who desired to have help there.

Jim Manton also helped with the testing and they used the Track Aero System developed by Alphamantis Technologies. Hand positions, pad spacing, aerobar height, helmet and clothing options plus hydration setups were found in the testing protocols of most folks in the aero camp and specifics of course varied from athlete to athlete.

Over 140 runs rook place over the 2 days in Carson and Heath Dotson reported that he managed to gain 40 watts and another camper just about 50 watts.

There is also currently a thread about this Aero Camp experience in our forum.

Brian Stover in full flight during one of the test session at the VELO Sports Center.

Elaine Kratz from Tuscon, AZ is in the middle of one of her runs.

Full throttle action by Jon Moen.

Laura Poplizia is now on track and Elaine Kratz is done for now.

Sleeveless kits are not common here but triathletes of course need to test what they possibly plan to race in.

Back into the pits for Dan McGowan after a run and now getting ready for another run with a Fusion top.

Back in action for Dan McGowan.

Murphy, TX resident Paul Queneau during one of his runs.

Rebecca McGee had the lowest cDA of the camp, helped of course by her size and nice position.

The tallest skinniest camper was Jack Toland.

Toland coming around, the spectators however were not there for the aero camp.

Another run for Rebecca McGee

It wasn't too much of a hike for Dusty Nabor to get to the Velodrome in Carson.

Coach Brian Stover during one of his runs and he made significant gains with a helmet vchange and in the end ended up with .2006.

Looking over the numbers of one of the runs.

And finally Heath Dotson got to play. He dropped a cm in the front, changed helmets and ended up with a different suit to save 40 watts total.

Here comes coach Brian Stover again.

Dusty Nabor during one of his many runs.

In the end it was a 15 watt saving for Karin Langer mostly because of a position change.

The Pearl Izumi suit worked very well for Heath Dotson, but not for many other folks. Dotson thinks that had to do with fit though.