A day with Josh Wise

NASCAR racer #98 Josh Wise is also a fast and talented triathlete, and he won the Sprint Fan Vote and thus earned an entry into last Saturday night's NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race. That fan vote win was a surprise to some because Wise is somewhat of an underdog, but he is not an underdog to those who have met him in person - and he is very popular on Reddit.

Wise is among many race car drivers who swim, bike and run to stay in shape, but Wise is one of the fastest ones who compete in triathlon. His goal for 70.3 Racine is in the 4:40 range and he would race more often if his schedule would allow it. His day job however means 38 weekends behind the steering wheel of a car that has around 800 hp.

We visited him in Huntersville, NC and spent a day with him.

Here Josh Wise is with the fan designed Dogecoin / Reddit car.

Getting ready for a 40 mile ride with some friends, and Wise took out his Shiv to get used to this new ride.

The crew rolls out of the Huntersville neighborhood outside of Charlotte, NC.

It did not look like Josh Wise had any trouble adjusting to the new bike.

He who rides the triathlon bike gets to lead most of the time.

Cruising along through the countryside of Mooresville, NC.

A quick pit stop at the cleverly named Stop & Hop.

Josh Wise did a 4 mile transition run after the 40 mile ride, but he was on his own for that workout.

Wise watches his diet and post workouts he prepared a spinach and fruit smoothie.

Wise has two daughters and he spent a bit of TV time with them before getting on with his schedule.

Lunch at Moe's has become a routine for Wise. But he is very careful about what goes in his bowl.

Josh Wise in front of the Phil Parsons Racing shop, the team he races for.

One of the crew members points out the fairly substantial damage the car sustained in last weekend's crash.

Team own Phil Parsons seems to be a very likeable boss and here he shows Wise something on his phone.

The crew works hard on the car for this weekend's race in Dover, Delaware and much has to be done before the departure on Thursday.

Meanwhile in the paint booth the car for the following weekend at Pocono Raceway is getting prepared.

Wise with the #98 truck that is parked behind the shop. 2 cars go in the upper section, and below is a shop area and a living space.

The Dogecoin / Reddit painted helmet is a beauty indeed.

Crew chief Gene Nead has a few words with Wise about the upcoming race.

Time for another smoothie, and here Wise is joined by Specialized field marketing guy Daniel Sapp.

Bill Scibetta of Precision Fitness makes sure that the Wise human engine keeps running smoothly.

Who would not want to have such a cool iRace simulation system in their home? The perspective also shows how limited the view for a NASCAR driver is.

Family Wise watches the older daughter during soccer practice and then it is off to dinner and soon after - bedtime.