Amanda Stevens tunnel time

Amanda Stevens flew to the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina to meet up with Mike Giraud, the Chief Design Officer of Blue Competition bicycles to get fitted and fine tuned on her new race bike. Last year this time Doc Amanda Stevens raced at the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany, but this year the Oklahoma resident raced a bit earlier in Brazil and grabbed the title there and could thus use this time window to fly East to get dialed in for Kona.

This was actually the first visit of Amanda Stevens to the A2 Wind Tunnel.

What the three massive pulling fans get to see all day.

Amanda tried a variety of helmets while she was in North Carolina.

The view of Amanda in the tunnel through the spy window.

When wearing the Poc helmet, it is tough to not have a smile on your face, or make those near you smile.

Amanda Stevens looks serious and mean with the Kask Bambino helmet.

Mike Giraud walks out of the tunnel with Amanda Stevens after one of the sessions.

Going over the data with Amanda to see what has been learned so far.

So many wheels and so little time. Without a wheel sponsor in place the options are endless for Kona.

Amanda Stevens plays with a Wedgie. Not surprisingly, there are all kinds of interesting gadgets at A2.

It has been a long day and athletes are often surprised how taxing it is in the tunnel.

NASCAR Sprint Driver Josh Wise was also in the tunnel to get fitted on a Blue Triad.

Josh Wise, Mike Giraud and Amanda Stevens are now ready for a relaxing evening.

Amanda said that she won't reveal the helmet and wheel choice for Kona until, well, Kona. Most details of the discoveries are usually not shared as they were expensive to get, and some of the details depend completely on the individual rider anyway.

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