Best Kona images of 2018

Photography is not the day job of Eric Wynn but he is an amazing photographer and these selected images from the 2018 Amazon Ironman World Championships make this point very clear. The 2018 season is coming to an end but these images will endure.

Heather Jackson on the throttle to a 4:44:45 bike split in her racing banana Wattie Ink kit and that Argon 18 bike with the Knight Composites wheel matches it nicely.

Earlier that day a moment of silence with a gel before the 2.4 mile battle of thrashing arms.

With the transition bag in hand through a phalanx of volunteers on the way to the transition tent.

Many fans were happy to see Matt Russell return to Kona after that terrible accident the year before. Matt Russell however did not simply come back to finish. He rode 4:12:58 on the way to 6th place.

Sebastian Kienle was fully focused and pushed hard - but 2018 was not his year to shine in Kona. His position on the bike however always shines.

It looked for a long time like Lucy Charles on her new Specialized would steal the show in Kona, but after a brave performance she had to settle for the runner-up spot.

Many also wondered what Javier Gomez would do in Kona and if he could dethrone the Germans. When it was all said and done it was 11th place for the fast and accomplished Spaniard.

Lauren Brandon surprisingly lost a lot of time to Lucy Charles during the swim and her day would only get worse. She limped home with a 5:17:07 bike split and ended up with a DNF.

Mirinda Carfrae was also chasing all day but this 3-time Ironman World Champion is very familiar with that position. Carfrae ended up in 5th place on that day.

Luck is also important in a race like this. A flat tire can really derail the day, and wreck the nerves of an athlete.

Daniela Ryf was on fire that day and her 4:26:07 bike split record will likely not be beaten for a long time. Ryf closed out her day with a sub-3hour run and grabbed her fourth Ironman World Championship title.

The penalty tent meanwhile housed some famous guests.

And up front the big train was moving along.

Lionel Sanders rode 4:16:58 on that Louis Garneau and everyone now wonders what he will do on that Canyon in 2019.

Fellow Canadian Angela Naeth finished 8th in the very strong female field.

Sarah True had an impressive first Kona showing and ended up in 4th place.

Braden Currie and Timothy O'Donnell had a tough battle and in the end the American bested the Kiwi and grabbed 4th place.

Lucy Charles did not win in Kona in 2018, but she will likely soon.

A new sponsor and many new records, what is not to like?

Oh Joy.

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